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    College Football Bowl Confidence Pick' em Pool


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    College Football Bowl Confidence Pick' em Pool Empty College Football Bowl Confidence Pick' em Pool

    Post  Six3 on Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:13 pm

    Hey Everyone,
    It’s that time of year again… TIME TO GEAUX BOWLING!

    Feel Free to pass this email on to anyone that wishes to play.

    Message me for the spreadsheet to make your selections. You can use the spreadsheet or the pdf file. If you use the pdf file, please scan or take picture with phone and send back. The spreadsheet is the easier option (especially when it comes to listing your confidence).

    Rules are…

    Entry Fee is $40.00 and is due by Friday, December 19, 2014
    Payment can be submitted via paypal to:

    Include your Name & E-Mail Address on your entry (you will be emailed when there are updates to the standings on the website – ). Like last year, you can track everyone’s picks for fairness once the website is setup.

    Pick each winner of the 38 Bowl Games

    Select the Confidence between 1-38 for each game. The higher the number the higher your confidence you thing they will win. You cannot use the same number twice (the spreadsheet will make the number RED if you do so).  These are your points value for each game.

    Select 1 National Champion. The Correct National Champion is worth 39pts (since it’s the 39th game).

    The player with the MOST POINTS (not correct games) is declared the winner.

    We will payout 3 spots:
    1st – 70% of the Pot
    2nd – 20% of the Pot
    3rd – 10% of the Pot

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