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    Post  echampion76 on Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:44 am

    Tampa +1  The Falcons shouldn't be a road favorite even if they were playing UCONN.  In week 3 these two played and Atlanta lit the Bucs shorts on fire and shoved them down their mouth.  Do the Falcons remember that game?  No, they've lost every game since then.  Do the Bucs remember this game?  Hell yes they were humiliated.  

    Seattle NYG U44.5  Seattle's offense is a bit of a mess right now.  This will be an even bigger play if center Max Unger is out again.  The O line can't block anybody, the Giants D line should have a good day.  Even with Unger playing I think it still goes under.  On the other hand Seattle's D is still really strong.  i would check the injury report, if Unger is out I'd also make the Giants +10 a big play.  In my mind the only way Seattle covers this game is if Eli turns the turnover faucet on (and that's happened before, but Seattle isn't getting many takeaways this year).

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